Garden Party: Timing

This summer’s garden has proven a challenge in timing. The lettuce came up too quickly, the tomatoes took too long, I have no idea whether the beets will ever mature. The peas looked like they were doing well, but have started to dry out ever since I increased the watering time. Maybe they are drowning again? The bell peppers seem to be on target, and the lemon cucumbers continue to thrive. Continue reading

Garden Party: Mystery Squashed

I feel like an idiot. This morning, I took a good look behind the leafy veil of the mystery squash plants and solved one of the mysteries: the multi-tasking plant is not multi-tasking at all. It is not producing both zucchini and pumpkins. What I saw was so self-explanatory that I’ll just put up the pictures: Continue reading

Garden Party: Still Water

Apple tree front, scrub oak back.

Apple tree front, scrub oak back.

Oddly, all that grief with the drip system made me want to try something more ambitious: a hose-less drip system. One, I would like to know exactly how much water I am giving to the peppers, and two, I would rather not have a hose running across the driveway to be abused by passing car tires. The plan would make use of a sad little apple tree that has mysteriously survived despite being overwhelmed by a sun-greedy scrub oak. I would hang a container of water on the tree and have gravity propel the water through cleverly arranged hoses to its proper destination.

The plan never came to fruition. The tree, upon closer inspection, seemed unlikely to be able to hold up more than a couple soda cans full of water. Then I realized that there is a perfectly good faucet in a stall at the back of the barn that would work for a drip system without the hose being run over every day. I went out and got a new drip timer, a fancy one with multiple settings and a digital readout. Then I realized I would have to work with the big hoses to set up a new system. I have not done that before. Valves and joints and things like that seemed daunting. Continue reading

Garden Party 2015

It is ironic that I am late to start blogging about the garden this season, since I started planting so much earlier. Actually, it makes perfect sense. I am feeling lazy. Not so lazy that I would not do a garden– I want to eat it, I just don’t want to spend so much time on it.

2015 garden. In the foreground, a volunteer plum tree that plopped itself down right in the middle of things. How can I say no to a plum tree?

2015 garden on May 30. In the foreground, a volunteer plum tree that plopped itself down right in the middle of things. How can I say no to a plum tree?

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Garden Party: Just a Few Wrinkles

Week Nine

Has it really only been nine weeks? I suppose I am becoming impatient, and progress now seems painfully slow. It is going as slowly as ever, but also as quickly. It’s all a matter of perspective.

I have gotten better at finding the zucchini, but I have discovered that it is very difficult to pick them when they grow out of the base of the plant. I distinctly recall picking zucchini from my parents’ garden, where it hung in the middle or near the end of a vine. Mine seem to all be springing up right from the base of the plant, so I have to decide whether to break the end of the squash off, or break branches at the base. I have done the former so far. Continue reading

Garden Party: Pea Stalking and Beet Bandits

Week 8

I am a terrible zucchini farmer. The first I saw of a bunch of perfectly edible zucchini was in a frying pan at my mother’s house. She had gone out and found several ready to pick where I had failed to find any. Therefore, I have taken a bunch of photos of the zucchini plants so that I might study them more closely and see if I can see something in a photo that I miss in the three-dimensional world. All I can see with the plants in front of me are these great big yellow flowers:

Zucchini blooms getting bigger.

Zucchini blooms getting bigger.

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