Zelly and Son at dawn

Morning After

I start digging ditches in the morning fog as the geldings munch their hay. By the time I have finished, the fog has cleared. The geldings are still munching. Driving into town along a back road, I see vultures on fence posts, wings spread to dry. A bull is lying down in his pasture, chewing. Sunshine, finally.

Garden Party: Water, Watch, Wait

My adventures in late July gardening continue…

Day Nine

Good thing I didn’t start weeding as soon as I thought I saw weeds. Most of those little sprouts ARE weeds, but not all. That is the downside of using “unprocessed fertilizer,” aka horse manure. It carries all kinds of sturdy little seeds packed inside. Today it is clear that not everything I saw yesterday were weeds.

I think this could be a beet.

I think this could be a beet.

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