Two Red Horses

(Photo Gallery) I neglected to post these photos when I took them last November. These guys are not brothers, but they could be. They share a similar feisty approach to play as well as being the same color.  Ever since Ned arrived, I have marveled at his likeness to my old gelding, and here he is with my old horse’s brother, Gus. From the way the geldings accepted Ned, I think I am not the only one to see his similarity to the old boss horse. Continue reading


(Photo Gallery) The old ladies got their hair done and had a frolic. The bay mare was putting on such a show that I wished I had my camera. She kept it up until I ran and got my camera, and even as I came running back, I could see she was still strutting around with her tail in the air. As soon as I arrived and aimed the camera, however, she stopped and only gave me a very modest performance to shoot.
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A Walk in Flowers

(Photo Gallery) A few days ago, I took a walk to look for the mares. On the way, I took some photos of frequently seen California flowers. I don’t know the names of most of them but they are the flowers I have seen all my life, all over Sonoma County. In this time of drought, I have become more alert to the growing things underfoot. I appreciate the grass too, as more than a backdrop for flowers. Not only does it mean we have to buy less hay, but wet grass is a better diet for the horses than dry hay. Continue reading

On the Trail: Point Reyes, California

(Photo Gallery) Point Reyes National Park has a lot of horse-friendly trails, though some are better ridden on weekdays, and some are even closed to horses on weekends.  That is just as well, as the trails are frequented by mountain bikes and hikers on weekends. On weekdays, though, it is very quiet. I have been out there three times this winter and encountered only a few hikers and no bikes.

There are a few places to enter the park. On this late January day, my friend and I used the Bear Valley parking lot. The road to Bear Valley is a bit windy but not terribly steep and the parking area is very easy to get in and out of. It is far enough from the road to feel quite secure for your tied horses. There is a public water trough and a public bathroom by the parking area. The trail names and distances are well marked, but you might need a map or a guide to know which trail to follow. Some of the trails are wide fire roads, some are single-track.

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The Great Fog of 2015

(Photo Gallery) Apparently fog does not go well with my camera’s high-speed setting. A number of these photos made me wish for better resolution, and Photoshop’s Auto-Levels color/contrast adjustment makes many rather gloomy-looking. But I’m no professional, so I’m hoping Photoshop knows better than I do. Here are some shots from a very foggy morning in Petaluma. Continue reading