Two Red Horses

(Photo Gallery) I neglected to post these photos when I took them last November. These guys are not brothers, but they could be. They share a similar feisty approach to play as well as being the same color.  Ever since Ned arrived, I have marveled at his likeness to my old gelding, and here he is with my old horse’s brother, Gus. From the way the geldings accepted Ned, I think I am not the only one to see his similarity to the old boss horse. Continue reading


(Photo Gallery) The old ladies got their hair done and had a frolic. The bay mare was putting on such a show that I wished I had my camera. She kept it up until I ran and got my camera, and even as I came running back, I could see she was still strutting around with her tail in the air. As soon as I arrived and aimed the camera, however, she stopped and only gave me a very modest performance to shoot.
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A Better Body Clip

(Photo Gallery) To improve on my previous body-clipping job, I did not have to change very much: be patient with your horse, use new or recently sharpened blades, use good clipper oil, keep your clipper blades cool, work on a clean, dry horse, allow enough time but move quickly. That is pretty much all you need to do to get a decent clip. Add a little more care and some practice and your second clipping job will usually look better than your first. Continue reading

Fourth of July

Every Fourth of July I worry about the horses being startled by fireworks.  We live over the hill from town so we can’t see the city fireworks but we can hear them.  The sound always startles me, seems to start too early, while there is still light in the sky.  Tonight was no different.

I went out to do the usual evening rounds, and made a point of checking each horse in the pasture.  On my way out to check the mares, I glanced at the “mash unit,” a half-acre paddock where I’m keeping Dolly and the oldest rescued mare.  They need mash twice a day this time of year.  I didn’t look closely at those two because I would be coming back to feed them anyway.

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