Halloween Dream

Just woke up from a disturbing dream. I was in a big old building, like a hotel or a school dorm. Really big, old like monastic, stone walls and stained glass old. Old.

There’s a ghost in the dream, a spectre I’m aware of. I’m getting ready for bed and the lights are off and I hear the little ghoul. It’s a child. It’s a seven year old size ghost and I hear its little bare feet trot into the room. I see it out of the corner of my eye. It lingers at a door then goes into the next room, giggling, a creepy distant sound in the dark.

I don’t see it clearly enough to say if it looks like a boy or a girl, it’s a shimmery scampering thing is all. I don’t act as one should in scary dreams so, heart pounding, I follow it quietly. I can see it just barely, now crouching on the window sill. It’s a great big window with sills big enough to sit in, and heavy drapes. It’s giggling and clutching the drapes around itself. I still can’t really see it but out of the corner of my eye.

I flick on the light switch but the lights don’t go on. I run at it and grab it by the shoulders anyway. It grabs at my face but I wrap it up and hold its arms down. I cannot decide what to do with it and I wake up.

Grandpa and the Goat

Sort of what my goat looked like

It was about the same light of day as it is now, an hour later.  A clear late October morning, around nine am.

Ioan Gruffudd was there.  He was with these three women, sort of small round women in pink and yellow and other eastery colors, including their hair.  They were interviewing him or something.  It seemed normal.  We were in chairs out behind the barn, where the geldings eat.  I could see the geldings way off on the other side of the field by the fence line.  Near the geldings I could also see, because I heard them first, clamoring fans. I thought that was surprising. Continue reading