Garden Party: Last Update

With hockey season in full swing and the garden work slowing down, I guess it is time to end this little series. I hope next year will bring new adventures in growing things, and I hope I have the good sense to do it all over again. For now, all there is left to do with this garden is eat it.

Some of the things grown successfully this year.

Some of the things grown successfully this year.

The one last surprise was the onions. I have been watching them for some sign that they were ready, that they were onions and not grass. A few days ago I simply grabbed a handful of that “grass” and pulled it out. It was no grass, like no grass at all, just itty-bitty onions. I cleaned them and chopped them up in a salad and they were lovely. In the photo below, you can see them next to the over-sized zucchini.

Same produce, different angle.

Same produce, different angle.

The melons are coming ripe in sixes, I can hardly keep up with them. I have discovered that they work well in salads.

The chirimen squash is still not ripe. Here is one Dad picked without realizing they should be at least five pounds:

Half-grown chirimen.

Half-grown chirimen.

There are many others still growing. Now I have to find out how to cook them, as if anyone can eat dozens of five pound squash!  I will have to start delivering them, unbidden, to the neighbors. Maybe I should include printouts of some recipes as well. Or maybe we can carve them like pumpkins!

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