Garden Party: Last Update

With hockey season in full swing and the garden work slowing down, I guess it is time to end this little series. I hope next year will bring new adventures in growing things, and I hope I have the good sense to do it all over again. For now, all there is left to do with this garden is eat it.

Some of the things grown successfully this year.

Some of the things grown successfully this year.

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Garden Party: Lazy Late Update

Week Twelve

Hockey season has begun, so everything else has to squeeze in to the spare moments. Nothing much is going on with the garden, aside from a lot of eating, but some small developments are worth noting.

Chirimen. Apparently it is spelled that way. All this time I have been spelling it like one man, even with a little seed packet image stapled to the planter box. Ah well. I don’t say “zucchinis squash,” why should I say “chirimen?”

The chirimen has gone a little crazy. See? Doesn’t that sound totally wrong? Anyway, there are several plants so I can say the chirimen have gone nuts: Continue reading