Garden Party: Just a Few Wrinkles

Week Nine

Has it really only been nine weeks? I suppose I am becoming impatient, and progress now seems painfully slow. It is going as slowly as ever, but also as quickly. It’s all a matter of perspective.

I have gotten better at finding the zucchini, but I have discovered that it is very difficult to pick them when they grow out of the base of the plant. I distinctly recall picking zucchini from my parents’ garden, where it hung in the middle or near the end of a vine. Mine seem to all be springing up right from the base of the plant, so I have to decide whether to break the end of the squash off, or break branches at the base. I have done the former so far. Continue reading

Fae and Stella: First Day Out

It isn’t really their first day out. Ultimately, they will be out in a much larger pasture than this, but it is their first taste of the big pasture. I put them out with their minders, Muffin and Fancy, who immediately buddied up. Fae and Stella had the good sense to do the same. I am also discovering the limits of my camera’s zoom feature. No, I cannot get a crisp shot across the pasture in action mode. Continue reading

Evening Walk

One of these days I will think to carry my real camera while looking for the mares. A tip for anyone shopping for a cell phone: the big ones are great for surfing the web, but they are hard to handle for taking photos or dialing phone numbers, unless you have very large hands. They also don’t do well in back pockets and won’t fit in the side pockets of smaller purses.

Garden Party: Pea Stalking and Beet Bandits

Week 8

I am a terrible zucchini farmer. The first I saw of a bunch of perfectly edible zucchini was in a frying pan at my mother’s house. She had gone out and found several ready to pick where I had failed to find any. Therefore, I have taken a bunch of photos of the zucchini plants so that I might study them more closely and see if I can see something in a photo that I miss in the three-dimensional world. All I can see with the plants in front of me are these great big yellow flowers:

Zucchini blooms getting bigger.

Zucchini blooms getting bigger.

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Garden Party: A Little Step Back, Some Big Steps Forward

Week Seven

Something decided to dig around in the beets, carrots and onions, then gave the cauliflower a toss for good measure. Whatever it was, it only attacked corners of each crop but it pretty much killed those corners. I hesitate to blame the family of raccoons living in the barn because they are so cute, but I can’t think of what else would selectively (except for the cauliflower) go after plants with tasty roots. I could blame the squirrels (unpleasant little creatures) but I don’t know if squirrels eat beets and carrots.

Poor little dug up beets.

Poor little dug up beets.

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