Comedy of Errors: How to Add a Horse to Your Pasture Full of Horses

I had just stepped out to let the dogs pee and check on the geldings. I was so confident that it would be a quick excursion that I left the movie I was watching on pause and didn’t even turn off the tv.

Yesterday I reintroduced two geldings to the herd, part of acclimating the new gelding Ned. I had left Ned and two quiet geldings alone in the pasture for two days, so Ned could get used to the terrain and boundaries of the ten-acre field, with its creek and tree groves along that creek. All was going well. I had already reintroduced someĀ geldings, two by two, so the herd was back up to seven. There were just two more to add, two of the more assertive geldings. I was going to take my time. Continue reading