Picky Eater?

It’s that time of year when I stop feeding horses since they have so much grass. Last night I fed the mares one last time, and they all went to get the hay except one. Suzie stood and watched a couple of other horses eating but wouldn’t go find some hay for herself. She *was* watching, not rolling around or pawing or acting painful. So I checked her gums (perfect pink & moist) and listened to her gut (oh my what a racket!) and looked her over. She seemed fine except for not eating. Though it was possible that she wasn’t hungry, the others were probably no hungrier than her and they were eating. I decided I should lock her up for further study but not until I finished feeding.

Once I had finished, I went back to get her. She was standing in the same spot, still watching another mare eat. I approached just as some of the bossier mares were starting to change places and move other horses around. As they did so, the mare that Suzie had been watching moved away from her manger to keep her distance from the bossies. As soon as she left, Suzie sauntered up and started eating from that manger. Is it possible that Suzie is so OCD she cannot eat in any of the other spots, she has to eat in that one?

I locked her up anyway so I could count her poops. This morning she was still fine, had pooped and finished the little bit of hay I left her with. I do not know what to make of this.