The Arabian Horse Association takes a stand

A couple of years ago, the Board of Directors of the Arabian Horse Association made a decision to publicly support lifting the ban on horse slaughter in the US.  They did not consult the membership.  Today, the membership affirmed that support through their representatives.

I spent most of this week at the AHA’s Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado.  I have been a member of the association for at least 30 years.  I have been a delegate for my local club two or three times, I’ve attended  at least five conventions.  It is safe to say I’ve been part of the AHA for a long time.  I love Arabian horses, I consider them pets, I go to great lengths to take care of them.  The AHA promotes Arabians, funds activities and competitions for Arabians and their people.  It’s the main club for Arab horse owners.

2012 convention delegates discussed and voted on several rule changes and association policies.  We discussed whether or not adult amateur western riders should be able to ride their horses faster than a collected gait.  We discussed whether children under the age of ten should have to know how to back their horses up.  The delegates voted on all of this, some results made more sense than others.  The final vote was whether or not the association would take a neutral stance on the re-opening of horse slaughter houses in the US, or whether they would accept the Board’s decision to support lifting the ban.

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