Out to Pasture Part Three: May Morning

I don’t know how many times May colicked.  She came to us when she was  about eleven years old and she made it to thirty three years old.  Or maybe thirty six.  After a certain point I stop keeping track.  I don’t think it was thirty six because that is an age I pay attention to.  I really don’t know how many times she colicked.  At least ten, maybe twenty times.

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Out to Pasture Part Two: November

It was 1994 and my brother’s show mare, about 17 years old, had never been bred and had been identified as having some version of  “undersized” or “shriveled” ovaries.  I don’t understand that diagnosis, never have, not even when I heard it in Crimes of the Heart.  It seems absurd.  Aren’t they supposed to be wrinkled?  And how BIG do they have to be to produce a teensy little egg anyway? At the time I had lost track of the mare’s age, but even if she had been “only” 14 as I thought, that was pretty late for a first breeding.

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