Out to Pasture Part One: The Mountain

Mares grazing in the evening

Being put out to pasture is jargon for retirement.  In the horse world, it is becoming less so, as more and more people realize the benefits of giving horses time off to just be horses.   Like the fountain of youth, a pasture can relieve a number of intractable ailments, from ulcers to joint problems to stress disorders.

I don’t know what the numbers for people are, but it seems to me that the earlier our horses get out to pasture, the longer they live.  Most of our horses live most of their lives at pasture.  For many, it is the same pasture they ran in at their mothers’ sides.   For others, it is the pasture they grew up in after being weaned.  For all of them (except the stallions), it is with the same horses, the same herd they that they spend years getting to know.  It is a very soothing environment for a horse.

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